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News and Views

04 September, 2015

First Course for Fab Four Course Feasts

Photo of wine glass

Thank you to our very first class chez Combis. A great time was had by all as Chef Sam wowed everyone in the kitchen and made sure they would wow their friends on their return as well. Head of House, Linda ensured a most comfortable stay, while the Count kept a beady eye on glasses that threatened to become empty, and lunged for bottles to refill them.

We are all really proud to have got off to such a cracking start and look forward to receiving our next guests - a full house later this week!

04 September, 2015

Duckingham Palace

Photo of a duck

Rather cleverly, we think, we have diverted all the land drainage from the chateau to form a lovely pond for our new feathered, oeuf-delivering friends. Only the best is good enough for our Combis ducks, so we’ve built them an island to keep them safe, and their very own chateau to keep them warm, comfy and sheltered. They certainly seem to be enjoying themselves.

The landscaping around their new home is settling down nicely, the waterlilies and weeping willows are starting to flourish and Team Combis and friends are now looking forward to our very own supply of yummy organic duck eggs.

20 July, 2015

Harvest Time at Combis

Photo of green apples on a tree

Cider with Rosé

Combis is in full bloom and the orchard has been relieved of its first abundant harvest of the year. Our earlier cherries have long since been devoured, the first plums and peaches are now jam, and the barn is heaped up with apples looking forward to becoming cider. Pears clamour to join the fun as we practice our pressing and fermenting skills in readiness for the grape harvest, expected in late September. Chef de Parc Simon has played a blinder with the vines this year and all our fingers are tightly entwined. Especially his!  

We are really looking forward to our first cuvée, and hope to share a glass with you all in the coming weeks and months!