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Your Hosts

photo of Turlough Martin and Sam

Your host, Turlough Martin, the self-proclaimed Count de Rosbif, is an eccentric bon vivant, who took the view that hanging out in a gorgeous French Chateau was infinitely preferable to riding the London Underground at 7am and midnight enduring conference calls. He loves to eat, drink and live well, and above all to have fun. His passion is to make sure you do too.

Your executive chef, Sam Salway is as serious now about delivering only the finest food as he was when working for 8 years with Michelin etoileées in Paris. As an experienced professional cookery college teacher and mentor equally serious is he about imparting that know-how to his students. Unusually patient and kind for a first class gourmet chef, Sam is the jewel in the Combis crown.

Your deputy chef, Pat McGeehan is equally highly qualified, and has prepared banquets and numerous feasts for royalty, generals, admirals and air marshalls. Disappointed by having to settle for a mere count, she now finds solace in our teaching guests how to make delicious cakes and pastries, and Turlough in teaching how to lay a table.

Your maitresse de maison, Linda Brière, not only has the prettiest eyes in the Gers, she is the most diligent housekeeper in all France, tirelessly making your stay with us as pleasant as could be. She makes sure the host and chef do not get too far out of line.

Your chef de parc, Simon Luck makes sure our gardens are beautiful, our lawns green, our flowers vibrant, our vegetables plump, our vines abundant, and our ancient tractor serviceable. And if you humour him, he'll tell you how he does it.

Your chef des abeilles, Stephen Suarez is passionate about producing specialist honey, and rooting out any wasps nests that threaten his kindly workers. Which is handy for the rest of us. He is also a volunteer fireman and, predictably, makes girls swoon.