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The Heart and soul of Gascony. The Gers, known as the Tuscany of France is sparsely populated, yet rich in wonderfully atmospheric fortified villages and market towns, and abundant with the finest produce. Proud home to the musketeers, it is de rigeur for every Gascogne chatelain to make the dubious claim that D’Artagnan once spent a night at their stately home, so we will too. D’Artagnan definitely stayed here. For two nights at least. In your room. And we have a statue of Porthos, the greatest bon-vivant of the band, flourishing his hat, snug amongst an eruption of signature Gascony lavender in the grounds. There are some great local events.

Our local town of Samatan is famous as the home of foie gras, and plays host to a lively market every Monday morning which is absolutely not to be missed. Everyone there knows us. It’s great.

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